Parade Events

Cupertino Tournament of Bands Parade – Cupertino, California: (2018-current)
Colmo Del Rodeo – Salinas, California: (2010-current)
Hollister Lights On Parade – Hollister, California: (2009-current)
Hollister Saddle Horse Show Parade – Hollister, California: (2018-current)
Founders Day Parade – Rancho Cucamonga, California: (2011-current)
Fremont 4th of July Parade – Fremont, California: (2001-current)
Italian Heritage Parade – San Francisco, California: (2010-current)
Monterey 4th of July Parade – Monterey, California: (2012-current)
Morgan Hill 4th of July Parade – Morgan Hill, California: (2017-current)
Niles Festival of Lights Parade – Fremont, California: (2001-current)
Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade – Palm Springs, California: (2015-current)
Patriotic Parade – Las Vegas, Nevada: (2007-current)
Petaluma Butter & Egg Day Parade – Petaluma, California: (20016-current)
Redwood City 4th of July Parade – Redwood City, California: (2019-current)
Sacramento Veterans Day Parade – Sacramento, California: (2019-current)
Salinas Parade of Lights – Salinas, California: (2007-current)
San Francisco Salute to Veterans Parade – San Francisco, California: (2017-current)
Santa Clara Parade of Champions – Santa Clara, California: (2019-current)
SnowFest Parade – Tahoe City, California: (2009-current)
Veterans Day Parade – San Jose, California: (2005-current)

Current Parades 2020